QEGS Climate Week – The Power of Trees Assembly & Tree planting

QEGS Climate Week – The Power of Trees Assembly & Tree planting 

QEGS Climate Week finished with an excellent day of events led by Philip Hunton, director of “Green up your act”  He presented an assembly for Years 7 and 8, looking at how crucial trees are to our life and various sustainable and ecological ways of life. Students particularly engaged with alternative eco-friendly Earthship building and the way in which the use of drones was helping to reforest vast terrains quickly and efficiently.

Members of the Student Council then spent the next few hours with Mr Hunton planting 100 trees on our playing field. We learnt not just about how to plant trees, but also how vital they are for habitat preservation, reducing the carbon dioxide in our air, and how trees and forested areas in general can act as mechanisms of wellbeing.

The students thoroughly enjoyed planting the trees, and we hope they are a legacy to future students.


Green up your Act